Emergency Lighting

By using system similar to that shown below, a reliable lighting system for use in the field is possilbe.

Please note that replacement NiCad / NiMH batteries are available for existing systems. Please click here for more details.

Area Illumination

  • High efficiency
  • Light throughout working day
  • Sinewave mains power
  • Battery status indicator
  • Multi-stage charger

Models configured to your requirements

Search Lamp

This rechargeable halogen lamp has a range of 1500m. The 20W halogen bulb will deliver about 30-120 minutes of light per charge. The unit is supplied with wallholder and charger.

Weight: 530 g

Automatic Emergency and Search Torch

Rugged rechargeable metal torch. Very bright, with adjustable focus and state of the art mains or in-vehicle chargers. The design is user-friendly and the torch can be trickle charged and ready for use at all times.

When the torch is in the charging stand, mains failure will cause the torch to illuminate automatically, thus acting as emergency lighting.

10W Portable Lamp

The 6V 10W bulb is capable of delivering an 1200m beam. Other features include -

  • Emergency power-on if mains fails
  • Rechargeable up to 1000 times
  • Splash-proof
  • Zoom focusing
  • Adjustable height and direction

Q-Beam Max Million Spotlight

Our Max Million 1,000,000 CP spotlight packs more punch than others twice its size. Includes 12-volt halogen bulb and 8-ft. coil cord with lighter plug. Black Spotlight.

A 24V Option is a available

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