Walk-through Metal Detectors

For over 10 years Pulsar Developments has successfully installed and maintained walk-through and hand-held metal detectors in the most sensitive government areas, major airports, courts, hospitals, prisons and secure industrial, leisure and commercial premises.

Our staff are experienced in advising the most appropriate metal detector for your needs and assisting you where necessary to meet security standards nationally or internationally.

We can, on request, undertake site surveys prior to installation to advise on layout, throughput and staff training. Our consultants can provide reports on how best to meet your agreed needs.

Security metal detectors can be covert or overt and may be used as a platform to provide additional secuirty measures and information either locally or remotely.

For industry we advise how objects can be detected or indeed made more detectable and also other measures to enhance security using our expertise.

The complete range of EIA walk-through metal detectors is available. These products are approved and used in the most sensitive areas of government throughout Europe and the United States and at International airports worldwide.

Rental units are available - we will deliver, install and collect a fully capable metal detector to your site. We also offer staff training and will liaise with the appropriate security authorities to meet with their requirements.

Hand-held Metal Detectors PD140

Hand-held metal detectors are normally used to support walk-through metal detectors to find smaller objects.

Objects can be detected either on the person or in packages.

The most sensitive hand-held metal detector PD140S has a greater range and the ability to detect the smallest objects.

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