Quartz Xtals / Oscillators

Any crystal product from the following list of companies can be ordered through Pulsar -

  • Abracon
  • AVX Kyocera
  • Champion
  • C-MAC
  • Crystek
  • CTS
  • ECS
  • Electro Dynamics
  • Epson
  • Fox
  • IC Works
  • IQD
  • KDS
  • Mercury
  • MF Electronics
  • Monitor Products
  • M-tron
  • NEL
  • PDI
  • Pletronics
  • Raltron
  • RXD
  • SaRonix
  • Standard Crystal
  • Statek
  • Valpey-Fisher
  • United States Crystal

Using Epson's Quickfab Technology and a large blank oscillator inventory we can supply you with quality, custom frequency oscillators, in plenty of time to meet tight schedules. The Epson SG8002 series of programmable oscillators are now available in 5 different through hole and surface mount packages, 3.3 or 5 volt, ± 100ppm or ±50ppm, low jitter specs, extended temperature ranges and frequencies from 1Mhz - 125Mhz.

Our programming capabilities are complimented with the ability to mark all packages and tape and reel surface mount parts.

Quartz Crystals

A full range of crystals from below 1MHz to several hundred MHz is available in all of the standard packages including surface mount.

Crystals are specified to meet the precise requirements of demanding clients and your enquiries are invited.

Crystal Oscillators

Full and half size DIL and SMT packages are available. Products include TTL, CMOS, HCMOS, TriState, TCXO, VCXO, and many more.

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