Charger CV (fully automatic)

Constant voltage, fully smoothed and regulated to power supply quality, these chargers can be set to your voltage requirements. Most models are free-standing, switch mode, lightweight, compact units and can be supplied with mounting brackets.

The output voltages of many models may be varied to suit your precise needs. Please contact us or fill in the online enquiry form for more information.

Model Voltage / V Max Current / A Plug
Plug - UK: US: AU: EURO1: EURO2:
9241-12 (wet)1220.00
9041-12 (SLA)1220.00

Multiway Chargers

The six way base can accept between one and six chargers or a mixture of PSU's, equipment plugs and chargers. A lockable steel strap retains the chargers across all six positions.

The base can be wall or desk mounted and fitted with either a UK 13A plug or a euro mains plug.  Standard (see here) or output connectors of your choice can be supplied.

This system can be fitted with 6, 12 or 12V SLA chargers, NiCad or NiMH CC or dV chargers or PSU's up to about 45W per unit.

The five ways enclosed charger is designed for desktop use and can operate from either 115, 220 or 230V 50/60Hz. Mains cables are available for your market. Modules are fitted to customer requirements similear to the six-way unit, but, with less power available. In place of the dV charger above, an automatic charger with timer and thermister protection is available.

In-Vehicle Battery Chargers

In-vehicle battery charging requires that the battery undercharge has the full charge voltage applied. This can be achieved in the case of lower voltage batteries by a step-down converter and for the same or higher voltage batteries by step-up converter. It may also be appropriate to consider an inverter to power an existing charger from the vehicle battery. We can assist with advice on your specific requirements.

For further preliminary information please refer to DC-DC converters (click here) and DC-AC inverters (click here).

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